Verbal Reasoning Test

This test will assess your ability to reason logically when analysing arguments.. This test comprises 9 sets of 3 questions, with a maximum time-limit of 1 minute per question. You will need to work both quickly and accurately to perform well in this test. After completing the test, your score will be provided. Please try to attempt every question before the time limit. If you cannot answer a question in time, use your best guess.


The following questions will consist of a passage of information, followed by a series of conclusions. You are instructed to assume all information in the passage is true. The task is to judge whether or not each of the proposed conclusions logically follows, beyond a reasonable doubt, from the information given in the paragraph.

If you think that a conclusion follows beyond a reasonable doubt (but perhaps not exactly, or necessarily, unlike in section 3), select Conclusion follows. If you think the conclusion does not follow beyond a reasonable doubt based on the facts given, select Conclusion does not follow. Do not use general knowledge when answering, only use the information provided in the passage. Remember to judge each conclusion individually.

Once you are ready to begin the test, please press Start to begin the test: