Verbal Reasoning Test

This test will assess your ability to reason logically when analysing arguments.. This test comprises 9 sets of 3 questions, with a maximum time-limit of 1 minute per question. You will need to work both quickly and accurately to perform well in this test. After completing the test, your score will be provided. Please try to attempt every question before the time limit. If you cannot answer a question in time, use your best guess.


An inference is a conclusion drawn from observed or supposed facts. For example, if someone presses a light switch but the light does not turn on, they might infer that the filament has burnt out. However, inferences may or may not be correct. For example, in this case, the bulb could be missing, or a fuse could be blown.

The questions in this section of the test will begin with a statement of facts that must be regarded as true. After each statement, you will be presented with possible inferences which might be drawn from facts in the statement. Analyse each inference separately and decide on its degree of truth.

For each inference, you will be provided with 5 possible answers: True, Probably True, Insufficient Data, Probably False, and False.


Definitely True, if you believe the inference is definitely true, i.e. it correctly follows beyond a reasonable doubt.

Probably True if, based on the facts at hand, you think the inference is probably true; that it is more likely to be true than false, but not true beyond a reasonable doubt.

Insufficient Data, if you decide that there is not enough data to make a decision based on the provided facts (or lack of facts).

Probably False, if, based on the facts presented, you think the inference is probably false; i.e. it is more likely to be false than true, but there is not enough evidence to suggest that it is definitely false.

Definitely False, if you think the inference is definitely false; i.e. it must be incorrect because it misrepresents the facts provided or contradicts the facts provided in the statement.

Have a look at the example questions below with the correct answers given.

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