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Example Numerical Reasoning Test

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This is an example of the Insights Numerical Reasoning test. This test will measure your ability to understand, interpret, and logically-evaluate numerical information. This test comprises five question sets. Each question set has a time limit of three minutes and contains three questions. Therefore in total, you will have 15 minutes to answer 15 questions.

You will require a calculator and some rough paper for this test. Please ensure that you have these before starting this test. For each question set, you will be presented with numerical information in the form of either a graph, table, or infographic, along with three related questions. You will need to refer solely to the numerical information provided in order to answer questions correctly.

This test does not count towards your real assessment in any way; it is purely for the purpose of candidate preparation.

We recommend that our assessments are completed on either a desktop or laptop computer. It is not recommended to complete our assessments using a mobile device.

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